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Affiliate Marketing Course: 3 Lessons Every Newbie Should Learn

Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income that pretty much allows you to run your own online business while having to worry only about advertising and not worrying about product development and support.

Affiliate marketing is a vast field that requires different set of skills, and becoming a successful affiliate marketer requires learning and mastering those skills.

While there are many product owners who rely on affiliates to spread their brand name, some also rely heavily on affiliate marketers to generate great portions of the product’s sales.

In this affiliate marketing course I will teach you 3 of the most important lessons you need to get started in your affiliate marketing journey

Lesson #1: Affiliate Marketing Niche Finding

Your whole affiliate marketing success will depend on the niche you choose, because your niche will determine which products to promote and how you build your affiliate website.

And in this lesson of our affiliate marketing course you will learn how to find profitable niches that you can make money from.

The most common mistakes affiliates make when picking the niche is not researching it well.

You have to pick your niche based on these criteria:

  • Money Niche
  • Demand Volume

Money niches are niches that people look to buy products in; they are usually problem-based niches that are solved better with products and not free articles.

For example, a niche like “weight gain” has people looking for recipes and advices on what to eat to gain weight and they will be satisfied by just reading a good post.

While a niche like “muscle gain” is best solved by products like powders and supplements more than reading any article on the topic.

Determining a money niche depends on your common sense judgment sometimes, but there is another way you can tell if the niche is free or money one.

Head over to Google and do a search for “KEYWORD “money back” “buy””

niche finding muscle gain

If you find many products there, it means that this is a money niche, because the more products there are the more customers willing to pay for solutions.

The demand for solutions in your niche is another important factor in determining the potential profits you can make from your affiliate products.

High demand niches are important for beginner affiliates because you can earn a chunk of the market share when it comes to affiliate sales.

It also gives you better odds at making sales, because usually any niche will have a good number of competing affiliates trying to sell various products. So you need to make sure that there is enough sales to go around for all of you.

Google keywords tool can give you a great indication of the niche’s demand volume, It gives you the number of monthly searches for any keyword.

So enter your niche’s main keyword and see how many people are searching for it

finding a niche

If your niche has over 30,000 searches, it means it has healthy demand volume and you should proceed to do affiliate marketing for that niche.

Lesson #2: Find Affiliate Products

Any good affiliate marketing course must focus on finding products that are profitable and our course is no different.

The common conception in affiliate marketing is that high paying products are considered more profitable than those lower paying ones.

While this is true to some degree, it could backfire at your affiliate marketing campaign if you solely depend on the price factor to judge the product’s profitability.

You need to also consider the following before picking your affiliate product:

  • Product’s Quality
  • Affiliate Competition

A good indication of the product’s quality is how well it is received by its paying customers.

Products with many complains tents means they also have high refund rates, and you don’t want such products because it’s basically a waste of your promotional efforts especially if you invested money and time in paid ads campaign or SEO campaign.

Luckily there is a way you can find out the reputation of any product.

Forums are great place to start, because many customers head to forums to voice their opinion of any product. And being able to find those testimonials are easy.

Go to Google and do a search for “BRAND/URL inurl:forum”

You will see many testimonials that you can use the judge the quality of your affiliate product.

Not just that, you could also use the positive testimonials on your product review page as proof to your readers of how good the product is.

Affiliate competition is another factor you should consider before promoting any product. If your affiliate product has many affiliates promoting it then they will be taking a good chunk of sales from your pocket.

Usually affiliate competition is more decisive when it comes to ranking your product review on Google.

But in general, If you search Google for “PRODUCT review” you will get an idea of the amount of affiliates actively promoting the product just like you:

Now it will be easy to judge how tough the competition is.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate competition is an indication of a healthy product and niche in general, but too much competition is always good to avoid.

img google search

Lesson #3: Get Traffic to your Affiliate Website

Affiliates either beginners or advanced always struggle with getting traffic to their affiliate website.

Many affiliate marketing courses has covered several traffic generation techniques, paid and free and I want to shed more light on it.

When you are just getting started in affiliate marketing or being tight on budget then you need to focus on doing SEO first.

Not just SEO is free to do; it is also a source of consistent traffic and leads to passive income.

A good strategy for SEO is to:

  1. Write product review
  2. Research the your Keywords
  3. Build relevant backlinks

Your product review should be above anything else, Honest!

Try to list all the benefits of the product by extracting them from the product’s sales page. Also add screenshots of the product and videos if it has any.

This multimedia content along with your textual content can have a great impact on your sales conversion rates.

Remember, if your product review is not well written and designed then no amount of traffic can help you make sales from it. So take care of that first.

Find keywords related to the product and try to rank for them. If you picked irrelevant keywords then the visitors you will get from search engines will not convert.

Your first keyword you should try to rank for should be the product name itself, and then “ProductName Review”.

Other niche related keywords are also good choice, but you should target them after the above 2 keywords types I listed. Niche-general keywords are usually tougher to rank for.

Link building from relevant websites is a must, because after the recent Google updates it will be harmful to get backlinks from irrelevant websites.

There are many places where you can get quality backlinks for free like:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Writing articles for websites in your niche
  • Press release submission

In general you shouldn’t out-do any link building strategy, always try and make your linking profile as diverse as possible.

Affiliate marketing success will happen only for dedicated affiliates, the more committed you are the more likely you will succeed.

Always seek out information by learning from many affiliate marketing blogs or even getting a good affiliate marketing course.

Giving how there are many topics to cover in affiliate marketing, it would be unrealistic to think you can cover them all even in 1 month.

Affiliate marketing is a long journey and that’s why dedication will be the key to your success.

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