Hello Legit Marketer, Jean here!

Glad you are interested to learn more about me. I want to help you build a Legitimate Internet Business.

Finding a legitimate internet money making business can be a daunting task. Many will tell you, here it is “I’ve found the best legitimate ways to make money online” and before you realize it, you are taken to another scam.

I know your feeling. I have been there. Like you I have been scammed, frustrated too. I bought many “latest evergreen” products that promised to give you the moon but delivered nothing. Although I didn’t mean to spend thousands online, I resisted the temptation to quit the internet marketing business and make it work for me. After two years, I am still learning, but know one thing or two to help.



Internet Legit Money Website is my personal blog, developed as a result of a conscious quest to find legitimate internet making money business that I can trust, use and recommend to my grand mother or my best friend if he or she asks me to.

You want and deserve high quality content. And that is my mission to provide them to you. well curated and quality-rich contents, articles, videos, tips and best practices that will help YOU build or structure your internet business.

Although, in some specific instances, you may notice affiliate links through which, when you purchase, I will receive a commission. Don’t worry, they will be only proven systems, methods or tools that I use and can be of great benefit to you.

I am not a self-acclaimed guru. I am an ethical minded guy who respects others and I am an internet marketer just like you.

On A Mission to Help Newbies and Struggling Internet Marketers to Have a Legitimate Money Biz and Smile. No Fluff, No Hypes!
Just hard truths, proven tips and tools to model your success.

I have been scammed like you – unless you are very new, more careful or just lucky. But here, my wholehearted goal is to help you not to make the same mistakes I made when I was just starting my internet marketing business.

I believe that Internet Marketing is not A Scam. You only need to have proper mentoring/tutoring, guidance from trusted sources, legitimate people, serious internet marketer who are not here only to make a sale, but to help newbies, work from home prospects or just a guy or gal looking to make a full living or an additional income online find his or her ways.

There is nothing wrong in selling to people online. The truth, this is the main purpose of doing this business, which is having people to buy what you have to offer. They won’t buy from you if you don’t sell.

However the biggest inconvenience comes when the seller don’t mind selling even if:

  • the product is not good or irrelevant to the targeted market.
  • the product doesn’t deliver or lack customer service to make it work for the buyers.
  • the product or the seller/merchant over promised or the product is simply a complete lie or scam, often time well presented in a long and captivating sale pitch.

Two words of caution, I want to make.

1. No one can ever guaranty that you will make money online.

This is a simple truth that you will only read in fine prints (if it is ever written for you to know). Everyone who ever succeed online will tell you that it will require hard work, consistency, persistence and common sense to make it in the internet marketing world.

But, hey! Hard work and all these things I just tell you are not enough. You will need to find one system that will work for you first. When you find it, you will scale it or apply what you’ve learned in another system.

2. You will not make it by chasing the shiny object, the last new thing that launched yesterday or last week. You will need to find a proven system that has worked for years, copy it and find your own butter.

If this post is your first contact with me, please take a look around. Browse our articles, courses and most importantly make sure you subscribe to our various but relevant newsletter or mini courses, connect with us via Facebook, and Twitter.

You see, I am a real person. I have a family and a life. I take seriously my credibility. If you purchase via my link or buy my own product or service, I will do all my best to help you to the extent of my capacity.

If you have complaint about a product or service I recommend, just reach out to me personally, I may be able to do something since I have used it. Maybe it can be the right time to stop promoting that product or service and inform my new, former and potential supporters of the same.

Well, this is all about me, and about legitimate internet money (aka Internet Legit Money).

It was a bit long. I only hope it helped you take better decision in your internet marketing business.

I want to be part of it.

I appreciate and want your business.

Let me help you here with this free internet marketing course.

To your success,

– Jean