Automate Your Business And One Best Way To Do It.

Building an online business can be tedious. Trust me, it is, particularly when you are just starting. The sooner you find ways to automate your business the better.

Thanks to internet and technology, options are available. Many proven tools and techniques followed by all successful and top marketers.

In this article, I want to concentrate on one tool you can use to automate your business.

Automate Your Business With An Autoresponder.

That is what all gurus, and smart internet marketers do… Why not YOU?

But wait a second! What is automation?

According to, automation is:

“the use of computers to control a particular process in order to increase reliability and efficiency, often through the replacement of employees.

“Increase reliability and efficiency”. That is the whole benefit we want for our business, while enjoying more freedom to do other things.

Merriam Webster defines automate as:

“to run or operate (something, such as a factory or system) by using machines, computers, etc., instead of people to do the work”

Why you need an autoresponder?

The truth is you need an autoresponder to build your business online.

You’ve got to have an autoresponder to make sustainable and repeatable sales. One truth you will hear over and over again: the money is the list.

Let me repeat it again, until you say, ” OK Jean, got it!”

Autoresponder is  the tool you need to build and maintain your list of subscribers.

Kind of a bold statement, isn’t it? If you have been online for sometimes, you’ve heard about Autoresponder. And you are left with the impression that they are expensive.

Here is the thing.

Although Autoresponders aren’t THAT expensive, most newcomers shy away from the inevitable…

Here below a well spelled out video from Magazine Publishing. It references list building strategies from a magazine perspective. Yet, the tips outlined are applicable to every niche.

How to build and automate your email list

Building your magazine’s subscriber base via email is job #1. The tools today also let you completely automate the task of sending your stories to your subscribers…



You HAVE to  get an Autoresponder to be really successful.

You see, your goal is not only to make sales, but to build up a list of followers to sell from time to time. This is the power of automation.

  • With your own list, you will form a bond.
  • They will become more than just customers.
  •  Some grow into loyal buddies and friends.

When this will happen?

I believe this happens when:

  • you deliver value in your emails.
  • you promote or recommend only things that help them solve their problems.

The point is, without them, you can’t really guarantee to make continuous sales.

In this regard, Zig Ziglar was right. A quote that I hear my mentor often reference when he wants to emphasize on providing value:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want

Check Zig Ziglar’s library

Your autoresponder will be the place where your email lists lives.  You will be able to send them messages from there.

Ok Jean, I hear you. But …

Which email service provider (autoresponder) to choose from?

There are many out there.  For this article, I will list only two autoresponders I know and would recommend to my best friends.

Interested with a list? Fine. You can check this Top 10 autoresponders and email marketing tools. It was compiled by Westwood Virtual Associates.

1. The best Autoresponder for Internet Marketers as been touted to be Aweber. I cannot agree more…

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for Free

Here is why in a simple sentence: Aweber has the best deliverability rates.

  • Their price are competitive.
  • You can start as low as $1 for the first month.

If you think long term, and in a business minded perspective, you know it will pay-off. Imagine what you would do with a list of at least 1000 subscribers!

2. A close second is GetResponse.

GetResponse doesn’t have the incredible deliverability of Aweber in tests that we have performed. But GR is good enough to get by.

You will get particularly excited with their email analytic and user friendly design.

Don’t let anybody fool you. 

Aweber or GetResponse, both deliver great value. So are some other great autoresponders out there.

Once you get your Autoresponder service, you need to get accustomed to it through their in-house tutorials. It is vital you understand it inside and out. Or Google or Youtube anything you don’t understand, there are likely hundreds of quality articles to help you accomplish almost everything you need with these top two autoresponder.

Now You are able to send out “broadcasts” or “blasts” whenever you wish to reach your entire list.  You can too schedule them to go out in timed intervals known as “followups”.

Don’t skimp on choosing any autoresponder.

Listen up! This is a bit biased, but it may help somebody who is just starting out in internet marketing. Matured marketers have further skills that allow them to see differently. Until then, please take note of the below.

If you get roped into another Autoresponder, you not only are likely to end up with one of these two down the road, but you may lose your list when you make the switch.

GetResponse may allow you to upload leads with no much issue, but Aweber will ask them to re-optin. You don’t want the later.

Clear on this? At least, I have warned you.

Now, a recap before we close.

Imagine what it would cost you if you had a list of 1000, 2000, 10000 subscribers? List that you have worked hard to build.

Well! At least , these three things would happen:

  1. automated sales in the long run.
  2. automated traffic to your offers or posts in your blog.
  3. a reliable business to sustain you and your family.

Automate your business, automate your sale funnel with an autoresponder. That is what all gurus, and smart internet marketers do… Why not YOU?

Aweber or GetResponse? Your Choice. But pick one as early as possible. Don’t make the rookie mistake that will let you leave money on the table.

Your email list is critical to the success of your online business.

OK. let’s wrap this.

I have shared with you what is an autoresponder, and how it is one of the best tool you will ever need to automate your online business.

Although not the only email marketing tools, I have found that Aweber and GetResponse are the most respected among op internet marketers.

I hope this post was useful to help you take one of the most important decision you will ever take to build and grow your internet marketing business.

Let’s continue the conversation in the comment are. Many will profit from it and that is what we want.

The following questions are given just for inspiration:

Have you started building your list yet?

Which autoresponder do you use and why?

If not, what hinder you the most to start building your list now?

Jean G. Antoine

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