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An no fluff review of common sense blog blueprint

Common Sense Blog Blueprint: My Review After 8 Months

Need a real review of Common Sense Blog Blueprint of Charlie Page? Read on. I am going to share with you my personal experience with this product during the last 8 months.   UPDATES: This is now 14 months since I bought this product. Was it a waste of my hard-earned money? Do I still recommend it?   Before we go deep in the meat of the review, I must be frank with you and say two things: I use my affiliate link while reviewing this product. That means I will receive a commission as a result of you purchasing […]

How Beginners Make Money Blogging Using Curation

I often ask myself “how beginners make money blogging?“. In this article you will find insights in the techniques newbies can use to profit using curation. Can a newbie make money online blogging? In my early steps as internet marketer, this question was freaking me out. Reason of my shyness to blog or to promote anything online in my early days of internet marketing. Seriously, have you ever felt that way? Not beating yourself down, but wanting to be true to yourself, and say, “Can I really do this? or Can I really teach others to do this? If you […]
4 Reasons Why I love curation and tools I can confidently recommend

4 Reasons Why I Love Content Curation And 5 Free Tools You Can Use Now.

When I started internet marketing two years ago, how I wish someone talked to me about content curation! I don’t I regret that I bought CB Passive Income System 2.0 (Now 3.0), but along with curation, I could have done better. Let me tell you why. I had more than 10 websites/blogs. All unfinished. None making money. Why? Many things and mistakes contributed to it, but one thing was common: I could not keep up the momentum to add quality content to each of them. I kind of agree with Charlie that it is not optimal for a newbie to have more than one website/blog. […]
What is Curation? And How it will save your blog?

What Is Curation? And How it Will Save Your Blog?

I embraced Content Curation few months ago, but haven’t talked much about it. So I decided to make series of posts about Curation. Some will be curated posts like this one, others will be original content. I hope you will enjoy them as I did in writing them. What is Curation? Curation is a buzzword right now. My preferred definition of Curation is from Beth Kramer in Content Curation Primer | Beth’s Blog What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific […]