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Common Sense Blog Blueprint: My Review After 8 Months

Common sense blog blueprint logoNeed a real review of Common Sense Blog Blueprint of Charlie Page? Read on. I am going to share with you my personal experience with this product during the last 8 months.


UPDATES: This is now 14 months since I bought this product. Was it a waste of my hard-earned money? Do I still recommend it?


Before we go deep in the meat of the review, I must be frank with you and say two things:

  1. I use my affiliate link while reviewing this product. That means I will receive a commission as a result of you purchasing the Common Sense Blog Blueprint via my link. You won’t pay more than you ought to. In fact, not only you’ll a get a 50% Discount if you act fast, you’ll also get my amazing bonuses (listed at the end) which makes buying this already great core Internet marketing product a no-brainer.

  2. I’ve known Charlie Page for over 2 years and like him. So, be ready to see me a bit “emotional”. You will understand me if you have been scammed by many other internet charlatans. When you find a legitimate internet marketer like Charlie Page you stick. Period!

    Charlie is very honest and use common sense,  right-to-the-point tips and advice to help his students. Oh! I wish I met him when I was getting started a year before!

So, if you want to hear a clear review from a current and happy customer, please continue reading. I’ll make sure you have tangible reasons to join Common Sense Blog Blueprint membership package. This is a wise investment in your Internet marketing business that you won’t regret. More on that in few seconds.


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Another side note. This review is not a sale pitch

You may already have a sense of my final recommendation, but all we’ll say here are based on benefits and my perception of the value you will get if you feel this product is for you.

I’d like to cover 5 points in this review:

  1. What is Common Sense Blog Blueprint (CSBB)?
  2. Who is CSBB for?
  3. What you will get in your CSBB package?
  4. Is CSBB worth the money you pay for or another Scam?
  5. My Final recommendation


Ready? Let’s go!


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1. What is Common Sense Blog Blueprint?

  • CSBB is a membership site, i.e a member only platform where Charlie Page is helping hundreds of members about successful blogging. Charlie uses his 14 years experience being a top Internet Marketer to teach you everything you should know to succeed in blogging.

  • This is not a push-button system, promising you’ll make gazillions online and that you won’t have to work. Both you and I know that it doesn’t work like that. But sure thing, you will receive all the help and support you need to copycat what Charlie has been doing for years.


2. Who is CSBB for?

I believe Common Sense Blog Blueprint is for YOU. “How can you know?” you may say.

This is not a psychological trick. You are here because you have a missing gap you believe this product can fill. And you are right.


Among other things:

  • If you don’t have a blog of your own under your own server on which you have full control of, Common Sense Blog Blueprint is for you.

  • If you are confused about blogging and whether or not you can make money online, don’t skimp on this one.

  • If you have failed at anything online, but were afraid of blogging because they told you this thing is time consuming and don’t work anymore.

Well, let Charlie Page with his 14 years of online success help you. 

Yes, get real help!.


3. What you will get in your CSBB package?

Common Sense Blog Blueprint package includes:

  • Over 23 throughout video training with audio and pdf transcripts available for download. Every aspect of blogging is covered elegantly, from setting your blog, installing the right plugins, organizing and publishing your posts and pages to monetizing your blog.

  • Free Blog Setup with a premium theme like the one of my site (this very one you are reading now)

  • Free Web Hosting for the first year, and $30/year after. Don’t undervalue this offer. I spent countless hours to learn how to setup my first blog and pay $108 a year with another hosting. Meaning after two years, I have spent over $200 for hosting only. What a saving!

  • Free upgrade Platitum Plus and have free access to another Charlie’s 8 successful membership sites like Curation PowerDirectory of EzinesFollow Up Selling SystemsCommon Sense Article Writting, etc

  • And much more. Keep reading…

Charlie Page is giving away literally too much for the price he is asking for, event without the discount. Well, that’s Charlie. Always over-deliver.

It would still be cheap if Charlie raised the bar up. By the time you are reading this, it may or may not be available. 

Get Your CSBB Package For A Low Price Here.

Why become a member of common sense blog blueprint


4. Is CSBB worth the money you pay for or another scam?

Another Scam? Oh no!

If you were thinking of building a blog like:

  • buying hosting
  • buying a professional theme
  • hiring a web designer to setup your blog for you or do it yourself spending weeks and months to make it look professional.

Then Common Sense Blog Blueprint is worth every penny you will spend. And You’ll Save A Lot!


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Even if you already have a website and hosting like me, this CSBB package will save you up to $118 a year (depending of your hosting plan), less $30 the year after. That’s only for the hosting my friend.

If you were worried about the customer service, continue reading. You are doubly served with this package. You have Charlie’s Support  Service in one side managed by his personal assistant and The Hosting Service Support in another side. Response time is always within 24 hours, at times in minutes on weekdays.

The bad side is that CSBB is not cheap, thus not for everyone. But you SAVE so much on things you will have to buy anyway!

I’ll be honest with you. Even with a $200 discount this is not cheap. But if you want to save yourself headaches, time and money:

  • headaches of not knowing what to do and what not to do on your blog.
  • time in terms of countless of hours and days that you could have used profitably elsewhere on your online business like building your list, adding content or building relationships.
  • money up to $118 for hosting excluding the cost for a professional theme for your blog, the cost of having a professional web designer create your site for you and the cost of the training

If these three commodities matter to you and you have the money to do this fundamental investment NOW, I’d highly recommend you go for it.




I told you about the time and headaches saving, but this is not why I love this product flagship of Charlie.

I already had a blog and hosting, so what thrilled me most are:

  1. The fast service delivery. I am used to vendors who take weeks before you hear from them or to deliver something that should be straightforward. All steps to get your site up is presented to you plain on the first email you receive. The support lines for both the hosting services, design and Charlie sites are incredible.

    My blog was ready in about 72 hours, including the time to let the designer redo my site and the DNS to propagate. Remember I already had a site. It is unfortunate, I don’t have screenshots to give you a before and after view of this blog.

  2. The bonus materials. In addition to the blog setup, everything on this bonus is worth more.

  3. The Free upgrade to another Charlie site that I was coveting.

  4. And The whopping $220 per sale or 75% commission.

  5. The 60 money back guarantee. CSBB is a Clickbank product, so covered with their refund policy. If you plan to buy and ask for a refund, please do yourself and us a favor, don’t order.

    Setting up a new member is done manually and professionals are paid to do manual work for you that you should be paying for. But “the no question ask guarantee refund” is here for you if you really need it.

If you check the price tag for this product and the $1179 value he is giving away, Common Sense Blog Blueprint is a no-brainer for those who need it the most.

I hope it is for You.

And because it is an excellent product, your clients will thank you for promoting it to them.

common sense blog blueprint bonus materials



Here you have it: my personal review and the reasons I recommend Common Sense Blog Blueprint of Charlie Page. Should you were confused about making money with a blog, or were considering to buy hosting, setup a professional blog you can be proud of, then this package is for you.


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As I said, and I don’t mean to push anything on you, CSBB is optional and matters to you if you want to start on the right footprints with a successful marketer I trust.

But if you decide to buy this fundamental howto-newbie-friendly training and system:
  1. I will share with you link to a free autoresponder (free for up to 1000 leads) – save you $19 or $15 a month with Aweber or Getresponse.
  2. I will give you free access to a vault of PLR content that you can use – target any niche and find quality content you can put on your blog.
  3. I will share more openly what I am doing and the success I have. I am not making millions 🙂


All you have to do is to send me the transaction details at


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OKay this was a very long post. All of this is just in an effort to give you as much info as possible.
Do share your view in the comment. Do you need help setting your blog? Ask any question. I’ll do my best to read and answer you as quickly as possible.

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