How Beginners Make Money Blogging Using Curation

I often ask myself “how beginners make money blogging?“. In this article you will find insights in the techniques newbies can use to profit using curation.

Can a newbie make money online blogging? In my early steps as internet marketer, this question was freaking me out. Reason of my shyness to blog or to promote anything online in my early days of internet marketing.

Seriously, have you ever felt that way? Not beating yourself down, but wanting to be true to yourself, and say, “Can I really do this? or Can I really teach others to do this?

If you are in the same situation like I was, let me share with you my own version of how beginners can make money blogging. The “can” is very crucial in this sentence because no one should ever make such guarantee. You may read more on this on How soon before I make money online?

Blogging has been touted as one of the most effective way to start an internet marketing business by almost top and successful internet marketers I know. Among others:

  • Charlie Page, my respected mentor and author of Curation Power, Owner of Directory Of Ezines and many other great membership site.
  • Jon Morrow of BoostBlogTraffic, a well respected and successful blogger and a former associate of Copyblogger.
  • Paul B. Evans of Nicheology. I learned so much on the beginner club level (free) that I ever learned on some high paying course I took. “Success is not an accident”, is my favorite quote from Paul.
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie of Success Blogging. I met Sue as I was curating an article about how to make money from a blog. You can read it. Since then, I am on her list and never regret it

In fact, if you haven’t yet, these people I reference here are top marketers you will be glad you met. This is practically one of the many things I am grateful to Charlie Page. He uses and recommends the best of the best. I’d be mad not to do the same!

Ok I may have gone overboard! But this is just how I am excited when I get value from someone. Now back to our blogging topic

And I will strive to focus on you. New to blogging or internet marketing? No problem.

The biggest problem for most beginners, even experienced bloggers face it too, is to keep the consistency of adding quality content on their blogs or websites.


What is blogging?

Blogging is about sharing valuable information on a platform you own or on a free web hosting.

How blogging works? 
But in general:

  • you identify a topic, a subject you are passionate about,
  • then you write, podcast or make video about it on your blog or website.
  • People searching your topic come to your site.
  • They find what they wanted and like your content.
  • They appreciate you for sharing it.
  • Now you become an authority in that niche.
  • You make money blogging using diverse monetization strategies.

The frequency at which you publish those content is up to you. Well, that is possible if you know how to write engaging copies!

Can Beginners really make money blogging?

Well. We all know that not everybody is born a writer. Writing is tedious, even for the professional writer.

Some people trash blogging in their marketing mix just because it takes too long.

If you are looking for a magic pill, a get-rich-quick gimmick to make millions online, blogging is unfortunately not for you.

But the fact is you need to blog, if you don’t have a platform where people can know you, trust you, and buy from you.

Ask around, they will tell you. Every successful marketer is likely to have a blog, or best, a membership site where he or she shares content with visitors and clients.

Blogging used to be difficult and time consuming. But not anymore…

Introducing Curation Power

Blogging when done well is touted to be one of the most effective way to build a sustainable online business. Combined with good curation:

  • you will build faster your authority in any niche you want to get in.
  • you can create a week worth of content in 20 minutes. What a time saver!
  • you work once and create passive income for months and years to come.

And the best part of it, you don’t need to be an expert in the niche you are interested in.

Beginning bloggers can do it. Seasonal and experience bloggers love it.

Click here if you are ready to learn how to make money blogging Now.


All the basics to make money blogging are all covered inside Curation Power.

Charlie has done a great job here. He shared everything you need to know to profit online, the same things that he has been doing for over 14 years of success in affiliate marketing, article marketing, ezine marketing etc…

Yes, everything from hosting, blog setup, content curation (which is the core of the course) to tested and proven monetization tips that he personally uses.

You don’t have to take my words only on this. Read what a beginner student said:

students love curation

Curation Power is a beginner/newbie friendly course.

Students love Curation Power, are very active and ask questions which Charlie replies thoroughly. See below over 200 comments as of latest screenshot. Don’t want to have a teacher that will be patient with you.

customers love curation and ask questions

If you are like me, you dislike when so called “Gurus” take your hard-earned money, don’t deliver, and piss you off when you ask newbie questions.

You will have your peace of mind when you join an active community and a customer oriented mentor that will help you build your online business the right way.


Register Here to Learn More (Free Report Included)


Yours in Service,


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