How Can I Make Money Using CB Passive Income 3.0

How Can I Make Money With CB Passive Income System 3.0?

How Can I Make Money Using CB Passive Income 3.0

Looking to know if you can make money with CB Passive Income System 3.0 of Patric Chan? Read this answer I gave today to one of my members. I hope you find it useful in your decision-making process.

Smith (name changed to protect his privacy) asked me this smart question after receiving my first welcome email from my autoresponder for Clickbank Passive Income Systems.

CB Passive Income 2.0I own this system for about 2 years, but was really committed to it for only 8 months. I built a list of over 200 leads and made over $200 in commission via Clickbank for this product only. The point is not the money I made, but the list I have built with it. If you have any other question, I’ll be glad to answer in the comment section.

“How Can I Make Money Using CB Passive Income System?”

First, let me ask you. How many of you take time to interact when you subscribe to a list? If you haven’t done that, you are maybe missing personal and targeted help and tips that could clear up doubts, save you time and money.

Here is the email Smith sent me.


Thanks for your email.

I just have one question.

how  can I start earning money from this source.

I shall be waiting for you


****Name removed****

With an email like this, I am always excited to offer my advice.

OK! Not all list owners reply to their emails, particularly when they have a huge list. But if they ask you for your feedback or you need help, please reply to them if relevant to you at this time or send them an email. You have more to gain than to lose anyway. At least you will know if you are seen as a human with feelings or only as a number on their autoresponder. 

As for me, I am always excited to address my list concerns.

Here is my reply to “Smith”. Hope you get your question answered.

Full Disclaimer. I used my affiliate links for products in this email. Use with confidence should you decide to. You won’t pay more than the actual price. In fact, you get my special links with my support if you buy through them Just contact me. Thank you in advance.



Hi Smith
Thank you for your email.
Let me reply from my personal email (Gmail)
You asked the smartest question, one that everyone should ask, but don’t.
Before I answer your “one” question, let me say that your results with CBPI system depends greatly on YOU, on how committed you are, how much time you will devote to it, and how much (time or money) you are willing to invest to build your online business.
Your online “Business”.
So, the short answer to your question is to use the system to build your listwhile Patric is doing his tricks to help you make money.
There is a lot to what I just said, particularly if you are new to Internet/Affiliate Marketing.
That is where Patric’s System comes in.
Would you like to try the system and see how it works, before committing your hard-earned money to it?
If yes, try CBPI for Only $1.
This is an exclusive link for a limited promotion.
The $1 dollar link is at the bottom. But I highly recommend you watch or (re-watch) the video sales letter.
Here are my Pro Tips to make legit money with CBPI 3.0:
Step 1. Upgrade to the system after the 14 days trial to secure your CBPI Affiliate link. Patric will use that link to promote products to the leads you provided him.
Step 2. Register for an autoresponder to secure your leads and build a relationship with them. That is where the money is. “The money is in the list”  you will hear this often, and it is true.
A Hot Pro Tip: Register with GetResponse for free (30 days trial, no credit card required) instead of Aweber. GetResponse makes it easier to upload your list manually than you can do with Aweber. I have both accounts. Trust me on that.
Step 3. Promote your link using the outsourcing option whenever there is an opening. Test it with one slot or two slots. This will help you save more time and get results faster.
Step 4. Don’t upgrade to the CBPI Pro,unless you have an autoresponder that integrate easily with CPBI system like GetResponse. Don’t use Aweber, you will lose leads.
Here is my affiliate link if you want a GetResponse account with 30 days trial (no credit card required)
I have other sources I use to promote my CBPI link as well as other affiliate products.
I have tried many systems, and I can assure you’ll learn a lot from Patric and hopefully make money.
Hope I answered your one question and feel free to contact me if you need help (put this email as a reference for easy tracking).
To your online success!
P.S. Your $1 Special Link for CBPI
Get 30Days Free Trial with GetResponse Autoresponder

In Summary

How you can make money with CB Passive Income System 3.0 depends on YOU only; on how you put into actions the steps inside the member area. I gave you my personal tips.  Take time to study and make use of the valuable training you get inside to promote your link using the free options, and purchase Patric’s Outsource Promotion Package when and if available.

Action Step For Today

Check if CBPI 3.0 can be part of your Internet marketing mix to make legitimate Internet money while building your list.

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