how soon before I start making money online

How Soon Before I Can Start Making Money Online? The Real Truth They Don’t Tell You

How soon before I Can Start making money online?

Now you are in, or close to. You wonder how to get your spot of this billion Make Money pie. And you are right, until you know what to do, and how to do it, you can legitimately have some.

But, yet, you also wonder: ” How Soon Will I make Money online?”. Understandable because you did take actions. You started a new blog, and bought their products. In most cases, you were hyped with promise that you will start marking big money.

Now, you are in the reality. You kind of realize that things are not that simple in the real world. Not that making money online instantly is not possible. But not a likelihood for the average newbie.

Here is the fact.

No one can tell you how fast and soon you will make money. It’s all depend on what you do now, tomorrow and the day after. Your consistency will determine your success or your failure online.

In other words, do you have a consistent and proven system in place? if you do, sooner or later you will see the money coming.

John Chow is a successful marketer that my mentor Charlie Page recommended. He made an eye opening video in his episode Driving with John Chow – How Soon Before I Make Money .

This is a 4 minute video.  Go watch it below. This will be time well spent.

How Soon Before I Make Money Online? Are you wondering how soon before you can start making money online? This Driving with John Chow will answer that question for you.

I hope you watched the video. Why not sharing in the comment. What did you pick from this episode?

You know it by now. Internet marketing is not any different from other online or offline well established businesses. Rare businesses, whether small or big, make profit immediately. It can happen, but it all depends on what actions you take day after day, hour after hour.

As John Chow would put it: work hard to build a system and be consistent in what you are doing. That is how you make money. How soon? It just depends on what action you take now to move forward.

The Core Business you need to have to Start Making Money online.

I wanted this post to be a bit short, but can’t stop until I emphasize this. Bear with me just a little. I’ll be brief.

In essence what I want to share is this. We all want or wish to make money fast, particularly when:

  • you don’t have enough money to keep on going on your obligations.
  • you joined internet marketing via a hype – or an ad. It promised you will make so and so amount of money in so and so days or months.

Was this your case? Maybe not. But, this painted scenario is the reality of most newbies.

Who doesn’t want money right now? All of course. Yet, it will make more sense if you approach internet marketing as a business. As you would in the real life.

Doing this will create two things:

  1. It will help you align your expectations and your goals right.
  2. You will take result-based actions that move your business forward in the right direction.

What to do then?

4 core internet marketing pillars often overlooked by newbies:

Build your online business on your own platform.

We are talking here setting up your website or blog on a hosted company. Not on somebody else place.

I use and recommend Hostgator or Bluehost.

They are inexpensive and have all you need to get started.

Hear me well on this my friend. You will enjoy more freedom when you do this.

Some may have success hosting their sites or blogs on or But, not without all the restrictions.

How more profitable would you be if you were at your own place? Notwithstanding they can kick you out or change their algorithm anytime without notice. This happens every time.

I am talking about not being able to add as many monetization features as you wish to.

Build and maintain your own list of subscribers.

In other words, build your mailing list. How? You may have two options:

  1. Create an account with an evergreen autoresponder ( highly recommended).
  2. Host your email marketing yourself. Well this can be simple to complicated. Not recommended to newbie until you learn the ropes to do email marketing effectively. You will then know enough to balance things.  Learn more about why you need an autoresponder here.


Have a complete, proven system and a funnel in place.

I can understand your frustration with so many voices out there. Whom to trust or not too? having a complete and proven system and funnel in place will help you:

  • Have your sanity and a clear picture of where you are going and what to do next.
  • See results fast and have something to review, improve and scale.
  • Stop chasing the latest make money tricks that happen to be discovered yesterday.

Hear me well here.

I am not saying you should not look for new ways to improve and do things better and get fast results. But, those distractions and undigested information will hinder your progress and get you stuck. I know what I am talking about. Maybe you do too…

Don’t have a system yet? Use this Follow Up Selling System. You will build a business foundation you will be proud of. You will know how to make sales, when to make sales, how to repeat sales, and many other things.

FUSS is one of the systems I use everyday.


Start with a reliable content marketing strategy.

I remember when I was starting online 2 years ago, I had no idea of what I am doing. I jumped blindly on the wagon of Internet marketing, hoping to make a side income to support my other projects.

I bought CB Passive Income System 2.0. I was blessed enough to be mentored by an amazon best seller named Patric Chan. Yet, I get lost soon after. I had more than 10 websites.

The regrettable facts are that:

  • None of them were finished. Just few articles or posts. With Incoherent design. No traffic.
  • None of them where focusing on a niche I was passionate about or that I have a deep knowledge of. Not that you need to be an expert in any field to succeed online. But working on many sites at the same time were all over my head as a newbie.
  • None were making money. This goes without saying, right? they were simply eating what I had including my precious time.

Having a reliable content marketing strategy is crucial to do this internet marketing thing.

You see. Now Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing requires more tweaking than you needed 10 years ago – so I heard.  Back then, make money online as affiliate was easy with say direct linking. You send traffic to a creepy ad, and bing! you make sales.

No need to nurture the leads or prospects.

Back then, you did not have to worry about creating quality content. There were no Google penalties, no duplicate content, search engine optimization and the related.

Hopefully, every challenge is packed with its solution. From the simplest to the more advanced.

What is the best strategy for newbie for content marketing?

  1. Pick a niche you are passionate about and that is profitable. You can learn to do this using this content marketing course.
  2. Focus on one blog or website at a time. Two is ok as long as one is a hub site. But I would not recommend handling more then two in the beginning. Here is an article about how to start a blog (coming soon).
  3. Start with curation and scale your profit more quickly. Learn how to do content curation effectively, and receive 5 FREE Curation Tools.

Let’s wrap it up!

 Whether you are just starting or have been around for years, you are a newbie if:

  • You have made any consistent sales online.
  • You don’t have a list of your own. Or less than 1000 subscribers on a list that you’ve build via white hat strategies. More on this in another post.
  • You don’t have blog or a complete system ready to go. You do some hard work upfront, then leave it running.  If done effectively, you have more control and more freedom on your business.

How soon can you see money falling into your account while you sleep? This depends on you.

But, are you taking the right actions when and while you can?

Or, are you just hoping things will change by themselves? Stop repeating the same rookie mistakes that will let you leave money on the table.

When you do what you have to do while you can do it, you will be successful, and money will never be an issue.

Jean G. Antoine

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  • Alfred
    March 8, 2015

    I am honoured to say that I know the proprietor of this Blog, not personally as in house friends but almost as good. We are internet friends for a good few months now almost a year in fact.

    We are a small group that met when we bought into a very expensive course offered by an internet “Guru” as they are known. I’ll not go into those details here, but suffice it to say, that some of us started our own small support group where we help one another. We actually learned more from each other by giving advice and mostly encouraging each other….

    So to anyone who might be reading this, I can with confidence say, that you can feel secure in following Jean’s blog, he will only impart information and recommendations that was gained through hard work, determination and many stumbling blocks along the way.

    This is how we all learn by following someone you feel you can trust and then implementing what you learn by applying yourself.

    No one can build a business for you, you have to do the work and learn by your mistakes.

    No successful offline bricks & mortar business became successful overnight and the same applies to a business on the internet accepting that it can happen a lot faster and cheaper than a regular business.

  • Jean Antoine
    March 8, 2015


    Thank you for this awesome comment and encouragement.

    I am equally honored to have known you and all the other guys.

    Helping others and providing value is the name of the game. I am starting reading Zig Ziglar. And he said something that I hear one of my mentor say often:

    “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    This is aligned with my core value. And you’ve just done that here.

    See you around mate.


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