How To Make Legitimate Money Online?

How To Make Legitimate Money Online? Your Basics

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There are a lot of hypes out there about How to make money online from home. Chances are that you may have fallen into many of these fallacies and empty promises that only take your hard earned money (if blessed to have day-to-day job) or the little you had.

What A Work From Home Prospect Should Know To Make legitimate money online.

Before I dive into the “what to know“, let me clear these two things first. Well, they are things you should know too.

  • If you are now working for somebody, this is a privilege, not a given.

Actually this is something to be grateful for. Millions of people from around the world (from well developed countries to the poorest) are struggling to have a job.

So don’t get caught by the gurus telling you to piss off or curse your boss or current employer because of the constraints inherent to working for someone. If you think of it twice, this “damn” job is the that brings food on the table now, and probably can help to finance your online project. Just think about it.

  • Not everyone is looking into internet marketing as an alternative to their offline money making avenue, some are broke (if you allow me that word). Not all hate their job.

Many are only online to enjoy the FREEDOM of doing something they like while making money in the process. Something that in the long run can help them work less or only if they still want. You can read more on this in Are you in Internet Marketing for the right reasons?

  • The benefits of working online are not a given as well. You will need to WORK IT OUT.

You will need to work it out. Simple fact that most “guru” will not tell you.

Unless you have a proven system. Not some gimmick, fly by night program that will only make you broke. Sorry for the rant, I had to let it go.

You need something that worked in the past, that is still valid today and that you can easily copy. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and money.

Prerequisites To Internet marketing.

One word of caution here. Before you enter in to the journey of learning how to make money from home, it will help to ensure that :

  • Internet Marketing Is Right for you.
  • You have what it takes to make profits from the Internet.
  • You are serious about building a business. This is not a game; this is an online and serious adventure that will cost you. More on this later…

Now, let’s dive into our main subject, what you should know to make legitimate money online.

1. You should know that Making Money Online is not a Scam, but beware of Make Money “Scammers”.

That is a very important point to make as chances are that you may have been a victim yourself. You are not alone; many have fallen into their preys.  I know because I have been there.

Understanding what is a scam.

Business Dictionary describes Scam as a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, called “scammer” in an attempt to obtain money or something of value from someone else. Scammer is not only one individual, but can be a group or a company.

I curated a complete article here Is Internet Marketing a Scam? So I won’t elaborate too much in this post, only to mentioned that people are killing it, making legit money via internet.

The scammers too are making it, which is in fact a good indication that there is money in this niche.

We must agree on this. Just because there are scams and scammers, doesn’t mean that internet marketing can not be trusted as a reliable business, that ethical-minded people like you can not do. I talked about it more vividly here.

2. You Should Have A Business Approach to succeed in Internet Marketing, like you would do when starting an offline business.

I know there are also those fly by night businesses and many others. Some of them may help you achieve your goals, if making money is your primary and only reason for having a business.

However, for the sake of this topic, I will only focus on more practical business definition, like this one from

Business is:

An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.

Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.

Read more:

Seeing business as an organization, or a system will help you screen out things, and separate the wheat from the chaff. I mean:

  • Not every online opportunity is viable and profitable in the long run.
  • Not every business model online is the type of business that you would want to associate your name with.

Picking from this, here comes the next point.

3. You Should Know That Building An Online Business Is Not Free. It Will Cost You.

There is no doubt about it. You’ve read it in the above definition. “Every business requires some form of investment” , be it TIME, Money and Energy. And this investment must be on “a consistent basis”.

And trust me, when you are just starting you will need a lot of them.

Let’s concentrate on money and time. How much money do you need to build an online business? How much time should you spent on your internet marketing business?

Well it all depends on your current situation now:

  • How much do you have available?
  • What is your skill set, your expertise?
  • What is the type of online business you want to run?

If and when money is limited, you may pay more with your time in the beginning. You may have to learn and do most if not everything by yourself. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, the time spent in your business can be very rewarding for you in the future as you have learned the ins and outs of the business you are getting into.

However, doing all alone can be very time consuming, time that is lost forever and that you probably could have used to do the things you are good at, and outsource everything else that is not your core business or competences. Which leads us to the fourth things you should know.

4. You need a proven system, trusted marketing methods that have been known to work years in and years out; methods that you can easily copy, adapt and stick at it until you can profit from it and scale it while learning the ropes of doing business online.

Internet Marketing is not difficult or if it sounds difficult for you, it doesn’t have to be. That is why I strongly recommend you find a mentor to get you started.

Your mentor doesn’t have to be the “Biggest and Latest Guru”, the most experienced internet marketer in the world. But he or she has to be trustworthy, someone who shares information from his or her heart. Not somebody who is looking for the next opportunity to cheat you and make money from you without delivering any value.

Your internet mentor can be this guy or gal that is pointing you in the right direction. He or she will not push a non working product or information on you just because he or she wants money.

If and when you find such person, you will find a treasure that you can pull in internet riches for years to come.

You will also avoid countless of trials and errors and go faster in building a profitable business. The amount of money and how fast you will go are only dependent on how effective the system is, how much you put in and many other variables that you don’t always have control of.

But one thing is sure:

  • You will have a clear path.
  • You will know what is the next step.
  • You will be in better position to assess the market, and limit the number of shiny objects you will buy. Trust me, this one I handle it very well.

Let me repeat: follow a proven system and stick at it until it is profitable for you, then move on to the next one by leveraging the experience you had with what worked already for you.

That is what all smart internet marketers do, I hope you will do the same too, and this, as soon as possible.

If you are very new to internet marketing, register for my FREE Internet Marketing Course and for F.R.E.E.D.O.M Marketing Methods With Charlie Page and get his free Mind Map for succeeding online.

Register even if you think, you know it all.

And then, the fifth thing you should know.

5. You need to promote Good Products to sustain your business for the long run, whether as an affiliate or a product owner.

A Good product can be sold repeatedly, even with a bad packaging, assuming the prospect knows the quality of the product before.

A good product or service (I will use them interchangeably here) delivers value, and provide solutions for problems.

A Bad product, even with the nicest design and promotion, dies sooner or later. It is just a matter of time until people know it, and you are gone. Some people may have chance to recover, some not.

You know what brings money into the business, right? Customers who buy your product(s) and or service(s).

No customer means no cash. No cash no business. Simple. “Cash Flow [is] the lifeblood of your business”, says a great article of Davidson Institute.

With no money to run your operations, to re-invest or to count as profit, in no time you are out of business. Is this what you want for your online business? Absolutely not. So find a very good product as an affiliate or create one. If you market it well and you are patient enough, you will surely succeed. Maybe not today, nor in a month, buy surely.

This topic has been long enough. If you have read this far, congratulations!

A quick recap.

No one should enter into a business, be it online or offline, without fully knowing what you are doing. There are things you definitely should be aware of as you think of starting or doing business online. For instance, you should know that:

1. Internet Marketing is not a scam, even if there are internet scammers. And please don’t scam people as well.

2. You should approach internet marketing with a business point of view. Can you make a profit from it? Not today, but in the long run.

3. Internet marketing business is not investment-free. It will cost you money, time and continuous effort. You can automate it to have more freedom too. You can start with no or little money. But you can’t put nothing and expect huge results. You may trade more with your time when money is limited, but you don’t have to.

4. You need a proven system and methods that you can easily copy, rinse and repeat. You don’t need all the gadgets, promising thousands a day with no work. This one doesn’t work on me, well not anymore. Can you say that too? Let me hear you in the comment area below.

5. You need good product to make it in the long run.

Understanding these basics  on how to make legitimate money online has helped me a lot to have a clear mind. It ended my internet marketing frustrations. Trust me, this can be the beginning of a very rewarding marketing journey for you!

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To your success!

– Jean G. Antoine

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  • Alfred
    January 19, 2015

    Hi Jean, Thank you for this post. It gives a clear understanding of what online marketing is all about. I think if new people to this industry follow your advice, they will be less likely to fall into the trap that most of us have fallen into. Meaning buying every thing that is out there that is supposed to make you millions in a couple of weeks. Practically everyday a new software is being promoted that is supposedly going to make your life easy. Most of that stuff is not necessary at all Especially when it entails recurring monthly payments.

    • Jean Antoine
      January 19, 2015

      Thank you Alfred for your nice comment.
      I wanted these basics to be well laid out. Internet Marketing is a good thing, but with no proper guidance, it is easy to fall prey to these traps you mentioned. Cheers, Jean

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