Is Internet Marketing Legit Or A Scams?

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This is one of the first questions that one interested in internet marketing should ask, and ensure he or she gets proper answer. It helps so much to understand common Internet Marketing concepts. It will save you time and frustration.

Is Internet Marketing Legit Or Scams?

Before going  further in this topic, shouldn’t we ask those questions?

What is internet marketing?

Compas Internet wrote a decent article in A Brief Definition Of Internet Marketing | Compas Internet, stating:

People tend to use the term ‘internet marketing’ when they mean several things. In fact, the simple definition of internet marketing could be as follows: ‘Anything you do online that makes sales and creates income’.

Although some people use the term when they mean a more specific form of marketing, such as affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing, in fact it is an umbrella term that covers both of these models.

Without going into too much details, it is worth listing different methods involved in internet marketing. they include but are not limited to:

  • Article marketing
  • Email marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • and so on..

In essence, internet marketing is a complete business that can create legitimate income once you know how to do it well.


What is a Scam?

Merriam Webster defines scam as:

A dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.

When you consider the hypes that so many people have fallen prey to, it is easy to think that Internet Marketing is a scam. I thought so too.

But think again.

Is Online Education Degree a scam because there are many online universities and individuals that literally rip off students and parents online? Of course not…

The same goes for Internet Marketing, or for any other niches (online or offline) where deceitful specimens make their butter on others.

You can make money online using legitimate internet marketing tools and resources.


Why Is Internet Marketing Legit and Not a Scam?

As I said before, “scammers” in a niche are not the prerequisite to say that something is a scam. We can agree on that, right?

In my view, it is their presence that probably confirms an important thing, the very reason of doing this business.

They are in Internet Marketing because there is money in this niche. And a lot of it.

As we conclude, I would like to share with you two articles. They can be good reading to extend your views on the subject.

1. Make Money Online Scams Exposed – Crimes NOT Punished!

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2. Internet Marketing On Your Own: The Challenges …

Starting an internet marketing company of your own is something that many people only dream about when it can actually happen. Needing a client base is obvious but if you are well connected the dream of working for yourself … Read more ..

As you see, building an online business can be profitable. Internet marketing is definitely not a scam. Legitimate, decent, trustworthy, ethical-minded people are living their FREEDOM lifestyle totally from the Internet.

Is internet marketing legit? Yes. Can you be scammed? Oh… Yes.

If you have been scammed, even once, you have good reason to be on alert mode and I am too. But I have good news for you. Cool down if you will. Why not start your internet business afresh?

This time start with a proven system. Why not try a legitimate internet marketing business model with step by step over-the-shoulder guidance with Charlie Page?

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No fluff, no hype here.

– Jean G. Antoine

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