Thrive headline optimizer special launch discount

Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch Discount

Thrive headline optimizer special launch discount

If you have been considering to buy Thrive Headline Optimizer which is the latest new baby of Thrive Themes, don’t skimp on the early bird discount starting on March 24, 2016 and ending on April 4th 2016. You’ll be among the first to enjoy the benefits of using a luxury-software that will allow you to publish click-worthy and highly engaging headlines on your blog.

Here is a quick video of Headline Optimizer plugin

Do I need Thrive Headline Optimizer for my blog?

If you are not sure whether or not you need this plugin or anything thrive themes, keep reading. But before we get to the nitty-gritty details, let me share with you the prime reason for writing this review for the Thrive Headline Optimizer Launch.


No! This is not first for what you think. Although, for full disclosure, I am using my affiliate links for this very plugin which as you read this I have bought myself. 


The reason I have decided to write a post about this launch is to help those on the fence. I have made the mistake last year November of delaying purchasing the all-included Thrive Membership (on special here as well as an upsell). It was at such a low price before they increased their price and moved to a recurring membership. I strongly regret this hesitation badly!


I wouldn’t like you to make the same mistake I made.  Don’t wait, save on the early bird pricing! Get your special discount while you can immediately and test for yourself later if you need it.


I have experienced the pain of missing out, and the regret to pay twice more the price I could get as a grandfather of all their amazing products. 


But now is the time to SAVE BIG!


Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch discount

Headline Optimizer Special Launch pricing


Side Note: Thrive Headline Optimizer is relevant to YOU if you have a blog and know the power of using content marketing to drive traffic to your site and engage your list/subscribers/followers. 


If you don’t have a blog yet, open this page as a new tab to learn how to make money blogging. Or check my review of the Blog Blueprint Package I use. It will save you so much on the long-run.

Why an optimized headline is CRUCIAL? And how do you decide?

David Ogilvy, the father of Advertising as quoted on CopyBlogger once said and this is true today as it was in the 60’s and 70’s.

On the average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline you’ve spent 80 cents out of your dollar.


If you are not sure of the importance of an good headline, you are missing on the utmost and very first thing that your audience will ever read before they get to your content.


Here’s the simple but evergreen truth that every successful marketer of all times knows.


Your headline should get attention to get clicked, should it be on your blog posts, on your social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, etc…).



Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch discount

And how to write a good headline for your post?

If you were to do it all alone, you will either need to have a complete process in place to write multiple headlines, have a mechanism to A/B test each and every one of them and the ability to select your best one.
This can be time consuming or would cost you a boatload of cash to have a programmer write the code and customize it for you.
Now with Thrive Headline Optimizer, you not only save time but get the the same techniques that the big websites like Huffington, Forbes, CNN and Buzzfeed use to create the most catchy and click-worthy headlines possible.
With this WordPress plugin, whenever you create a new post, you can simply enter multiple headline variations and Headline Optimizer will test them against each other, to find the most effective one.
The fun part. You don’t have to worry about SEO and duplicate content penalties as the plugin will also automatically pick the winning headline for you, so you don’t have to remember to check back on all your posts or get a degree in statistics to figure out what’s going on.
Every post they publish ends up with the best, most click-worthy headline. This results in more attention, more clicks and more captivated visitors.
Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch discount
 Headline Optimizer Special Launch pricing

Benefits of using Headline Optimizer

Among other benefits, Headline Optimizer plugin  provide you:

  • Quick and Easy A/B Title Testing to find the most quick-worthy headline
  • Bulk Testing to save time on optimizing all your existing content
  • Detailed A/B Testing Metrics to uncover the different metrics for each headlines and how the winning headline improves your engagement.
  • Engagement reports to get a feel of how interesting your viewers find your content.
  • and must more…
It’s a fantastic product, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and it’s at a limited time discount.
There’s literally zero risk in trying it out to see if you can increase the amount of visitors engaging with your content.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch discount

Headline Optimizer Special Launch pricing

Can you TRUST the team behind Thrive Headline Optimizer?

If you are anything like me, you don’t run after the latest shiny objects and want to wait because often time:

  • these latest products don’t live to their claims
  • the developers behind the product are not trustworthy
  • they stop updating them
  • their support sucks


I get that and you better maintain this attitude for 95% of the product launch these days. But not for this product.


This is a bold statement. I know. But after my last experience, and seeing the new feature updates they are releasing almost every month for :


I have the rights to believe that they are in business for the long haul. They prove it with their raving fans and their amazing support team.



Thrive themes amazing customer reviews



Thrive Headline Optimizer Special Launch discount

Headline Optimizer Special Launch pricing


I hope you see the value of this powerful new headline plugin. I have made the mistake once. And it hurts me till today. That’s why I went my way to write this post in the middle of the night to help you get a better sense of the importance of a powerful headline.


I won’t make it again and always check the vendor credibility and past success. I believe you won’t too. I got my copy, and you?


Now Over to you

Chime in the comment below. I’d like to read your experience with Headline Optimizer or any techniques you use to optimize your headline copies for your blog.

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