too many emails- how to cut the noise and get your sanity back

Too many emails? 2 Simple Tricks to Get Your Sanity Back!

too many emails- how to cut the noise and get your sanity back
Too many emails in your inbox? I did something weird today.

Learn 2 simple tricks I did to get my sanity back. This was weird, but you don’t have allow anything affect your productivity.

Well is it weird? Maybe not. But something that was necessary to get my sanity back.

What was it? I cleaned up my inbox.

Why is it so annoying to have too many emails in your inbox?

Not all are spams or from people you have not subscribed to.

But too many discordance. Particularly when:

  • You are getting started online
  • You want to boost your productivity, stay focus and implement what you’ve learned.
  • You are with a supportive mentor or attending a highly engaging course
  • Anything that needs your complete attention

If you are or have been in such situation, if you have a tendency or like to open almost every email you know what I mean. You have a great chunk of you productivity taken away. And you know it, time when it is lost, it is lost for good!

Why is everyone claiming they have the missing pieces of your online success? That is the beautiful thing with email marketing. I have shared the benefits of an autoresponder here.

They have or you gave them your email. Now it is time to take control of it or turn it into your advantage..

Some maybe right. But the truth is you can’t follow everyone.

Choose one or two mentors you trust and stick with them. Use other people’s advice wisely. Well any advise for that matter!  You see my point…

So How to cut the noise and get your sanity back?

Depending on how many emails you receive per day, you will clean your inbox in one shot. Otherwise, you may decide to do the below two processes in different convenient time. But by any means, deal with this matter if it affects your productivity.

First, unsubscribe to any email you don’t remember you have opted to.

If you can’t recall when you subscribed to this list, this makes things easier.

Remember I say unsubscribe NOT declare them as spam (even if you feel tempted to do so). In some case, you may have been in solid ground to do that. Even in such case, I’d recommend not to do so. At least not after you warned him. Here is why?

Would you like someone to declare your email as spam? No. Unless you are obviously a spammer.

When I got started with email marketing, I made few mistakes, and got one of my autoresponder accounts closed.

What happened could have been avoided. Some folks decided that they did not want the course any more, although they willingly subscribed to it. They forget they did, maybe.

As I said, I made other blatant mistakes with this first list, but declaring my Free internet marketing course a spam was not the best way to penalize a well-intentionned newbie like I was.

I am starting next week a Newbie Mistakes Series in my blog, so be sure to look out for them. They will be very intuitive and it is my hope they will help you avoid some costly mistakes I made in my internet marketing journey.


Re-assess why you should stay in this list or newsletter.

Obviously, on step one you would have quickly made the major clean up, yet you may find that there are lists you don’t want to remove yourself from the bat.

You know the source and received value from them in the past. But they can be a distraction too.

So re-assess well if they are deemed of your full attention. If they are, do the following:

a) Create a folder or label inside your email account for each source or newsletter you want to keep.  In Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail whaterver you are using, name them after the newsletter name of the source. See below screenshot to see how to do that. I am using Gmail.

Your folders will appear on the left side Like this.

create folder or label inside email

In four steps you should be able to do this:

  1. Select the email to move
  2. Click the move icon on top. It will appear only after you have select at least an email.
  3. Type a name for your folder. I personally like to put a “-” in front to keep my folders on top below the draft.
  4. Press “enter” or click “Create new”

image of how to create folder

b) Move your priority emails to the corresponding folders you’ve created above.

It may take some times, when you do it the first time. What a time saver later when you can quickly assess the emails that are not relevant to you.

3) Delete or archive every other emails you don’t need.

Watch out not to delete important emails, particularly if they are in a series. But if you do, that is not the en of the world. That is why I would recommend to archive instead of deleting them. Remember they will still keep space, so take this into account.
To sum it up

Here you have it. How I cleaned up my inbox to get a bit of my sanity back. They were just annoying and had to do something about it.


Your Action Step Today

Make a list of emails and newsletters you are interested in, including mine (hopefully).Make it easy for you to identify them.

If you are not yet on any of my newsletters, you can register below on the “Viral List Building Website“. This site is helping me tremendously to build my list to the extent I did not think possible.

I hope you find the 2 simple tricks useful. And I would love to hear how you managed your “too many emails”.



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