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Profile Of Top Internet Marketers.

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If you are like me, you always strive for the best. You will find great motivation to do this online business when you see the common traits of top internet marketers.

Below I have curated a selection of top rated articles and videos about successful internet marketers. What they ordinarily do on daily basis to keep going? Or what are the common messages they preach?

1. Common message of Top Internet Marketers.

a. Charlie Page, Owner of Directory of Ezines and many other membership sites

Charlie is an internet marketer I respect and appreciate. One also I take time to read and listen to. For full disclosure, he is one of my mentors online and I promote some of his products as well.

You are not here to read what I like; you will see for yourself if he falls under the radar of top internet marketer.

  • He provides value to his readers, subscribers, not to mention members of his membership sites.
  • He hates hypes as much as I do.

Read his take on how to Become a S.M.A.R.T. Marketer –

…. I know it is impossible to predict what any ad or website will do but these are pretty conservative numbers when you look at the totality of Internet marketing done well. Read more …

b. Vince Reed, on Vince Reed – Top Internet Marketer Interview

This is not an endorsement of Vince Reed or his business. I have gone on any of his live events or training – I’m looking into it. However, with an open mind, I feel connected with his honest reply to TED Nuyten regarding what changed his business from failure to profit when he was starting in internet marketing. Reason why I am sharing it here. I hope you like it.
Making money on the Internet is for a newbie not easy?

Not for me when I started, after failing for the 1st 6 months in my first network marketing company, I quickly realized that there was something missing in my business that was the key factor in the success all of the 7 and 8 figure earners that I studied and learned from daily!

So I stopped listening to what everyone else was saying and started doing what I saw only the top 1% doing. Almost overnight everything changed the question that I focused on was:“Why Would A Person Want To Join Me?” .Read more …

I love this part, ” I stopped listening to … and started doing…” Think about it, are you a listener or a doer?

And this one…

“Why would a person want to join me?”

Let’s paraphrase this. Why would a person be in my list? Why would a stranger buy from me? In other words, what’s in it for your audience?

Successful internet marketers:

  • Develop relationships with their audience and build trust.
  • Give them what they want to succeed online and help them to achieve it – as long as they are willing to take the steps.
  • They don’t mind telling you the hard truth, not necessarily what you want to hear. Even if it entails losing a sale. I have personally experienced this very few times. Don’t expect it from everyone, it’s not cheap!

These are in my view key principles that most internet marketers will not tell you up front and this is what makes a huge difference between the success of only 1% of them and the failure of the 99%. Please share your views in the comment area.

2. Daily routine of Top Internet Marketers.

How you manage your daily internet activities, even your personal or family matters can have a huge impact on the results you can expect from your internet marketing business. Here below, few videos I have found depicting some top internet marketers traits worth knowing.

A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer Most people have no idea what internet marketers do each and every day, and to be honest I didn’t either before I got involved….

Read more …

3. More resources, you may find interesting

78 Resources For Every Internet Marketer’s Toolkit | SEW.

These free or affordable SEO tools, link building tools, coding tools, conversion tools, convenience tools, social media tools, forums, news and blogs, and social profiles will help keep your marketing up to date and help you do …

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What is Internet Marketing? A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer.

What is an internet marketing specialist and what do they do? The definition of an internet marketer. A video from the

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5 Tools for Internet Marketing Shortcuts on a Budget

The ideal job for marketers is to generate leads to their website and funnel the users through their website to turn into sales. We want to make that as easy as possible and for that to happen we want the internet to work for us, …

Read more …


I hope you enjoyed reading those valuable tips about the profile of top internet marketers. Have you picked other tips, not mentioned here? Let’s expand this in the comment section for others to profit from.

Internet marketing is one of the best career path that you will not regret you took. With the right mindset, attitudes and characters you will make it online. The best way is to work hard upfront, automate it, and reap the benefits for years.

Now, I insist, let us hear from you in the comment section. What are your greatest fear online, if you have? Which  characters mentioned here appealed to you?

Follow these best practices of the top ones and let’s go make some legit money online!

Jean G.

PS. Looking for a step by step system? this one can work for you.


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