What is Curation? And How it will save your blog?

What Is Curation? And How it Will Save Your Blog?

I embraced Content Curation few months ago, but haven’t talked much about it. So I decided to make series of posts about Curation. Some will be curated posts like this one, others will be original content. I hope you will enjoy them as I did in writing them.

What is Curation?

Curation is a buzzword right now. My preferred definition of Curation is from Beth Kramer in Content Curation Primer | Beth’s Blog

What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. Read more …

Another take from Beth is her infographic of three-part of content curation.

Seek: Finding information

Sense: ensure the links and annotations make sense and are presented in a meaningful way

Share: giving the best nuggets to your audience in a digestible format.

How fascinating is this? Done properly, curation is what you will need for your blog.


Further definitions

When you start curating, you will have good reasons to love this simple way to blog. In fact, I wrote a post giving “4 reasons why I love content curation and 5 free tools you can use.“. These are my personal take and preferences.

Others point further reasons and extend for us the benefits of using curation.

1. Alianzo on Curation From Alianzo: a Solution to Content Infoxication expressed his opinion this way:

The current reality is defined by a huge amount of content and data, which keep steadily growing. Curation can filter the information, providing a solution to the infoxication in which we live today, which results in time saving and an appropriate selection of content for the user …Read more …


2. What is “curation”? | NuKhu News


Curation is a major buzzword in distribution these days—some because they do it (and do it well), others because they don’t do it at all. It comes down to a matter of “taste,” which is obviously subjective, but we experience …

At NuKhu, we look at “curation” as selection and organizationRead more …


3. Einstein’s theory of insanity- is curation really the answer …


Given where we started its fair to start at the beginning with the great man himself: For the record, this is not a rant about relative value of curating knowledge. No, rather where this view is pitching is more that curating what … Read more …


Are you more visual? Then, check these videos.

Some go into details and give you examples of content curation. If you are not yet convinced, I hope these videos will get your feet wet, and help you see further values of curation.

What is curation and how is it relevant to learning at work?

A taster video for a talk Martin Couzins and I are giving on day 2 of the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition …

Read more …

What Is Content Curation? – An Animation

Visit CurationSoft for the top-notch content curation tool: http://bit.ly/CurationSoft3 What Is Content Curation – An Animation What Is content curation? Con…

Read more …

What is Content Curation

http://mjthompson.net What is content curation, in this video we look at what content curation is and then look at some examples of content curation.

Read more …

What Is Curation for You – Ross Dawson

Futurist Ross Dawson answers my question on “what is curation” and explains it in his own words. For more on “curation” see http://www.masternewmedia.org/cur…

Read more …



To Wrap it up

Curation is a buzzword. I have shared with you various definitions. All focus on sorting (seeking) through vast amount of content, sense what is good for your audience and share the best in a meaningful and digestible way.

But both you and I know that knowing what to do isn’t enough. Smart people seek to know how to do it effectively and when to do it. The time is now. You can learn Effective Way to do content curation here.


Over to you.

What is curation for you? Do you see any value for your blog?

New to blogging? No problem. Just tell us how we can help you implement this.

We are serious about giving you the floor. Your comments and feedback are important to us.

Jean G.


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