4 Reasons Why I love curation and tools I can confidently recommend

4 Reasons Why I Love Content Curation And 5 Free Tools You Can Use Now.

4 Reasons Why I love curation and tools I can confidently recommend
When I started internet marketing two years ago, how I wish someone talked to me about content curation! I don’t I regret that I bought CB Passive Income System 2.0 (Now 3.0), but along with curation, I could have done better. Let me tell you why.

I had more than 10 websites/blogs. All unfinished. None making money.


Many things and mistakes contributed to it, but one thing was common: I could not keep up the momentum to add quality content to each of them.

I kind of agree with Charlie that it is not optimal for a newbie to have more than one website/blog. Lake of focus is also the worst hindrance.

When I learned about curation, I loved it. I found the business model that matches my principles, that will help me move my online business forward, and make me money.

What is content curation?

I have a curated post about what is curation and how it will save your blog. But, a quick and simple definition of content curation that summarizes it all is from Beth Kanter.

“Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme”. Read more


4 Reasons Why I Love Curation.

1. Help you focus on providing value and sharing the best content.

Have you ever heard anyone recommending you to provide value on your blog, and your visitors will reward you?

I know this may be related to my character. Not every blogger is the same. But I embrace the value of giving as much as I can. Well, I may feel obligated to do so. I received so much.

We receive daily. We meet friends and colleagues who shares daily their love, compassion, camaraderie, and joy. We enjoy the sun, the rain, the moon, the breath, and anything that the Good God has given freely to us.

Do you feel like giving? Can I assure you that you will do good blogging, even if it is for the sake of sharing. No financial intent. But, it won’t hurt if you monetize your blog!

Ok. Let’s move on to the next reason.

2. No more worries about quality content.

When I don’t feel to write or don’t have the time, and this happens most of the time, curation saves me.  At the time of this writing, I am a full-time employee, so time is a constraint for me.

With curation you can come up quickly with a good post in less than 30mn. Put 2 to 3 hours, you will have  a week of quality posts ready to be published everyday. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, this is done in few clicks.

This blog is 60% curated, and you will see more posts coming.

3. More time to focus on other priorities.

Who doesn’t want more time to concentrate on other priorities? If you are new to blogging and internet marketing as a whole, you need time to learn how to get targeted traffic to your site, or build  your mailing list.

Maybe you just need more time for the family while you don’t have to worry that you haven’t put any content on your blog for a week or a month.

Even if you are a writer, writing quality content is not easy and takes time.

You can leverage your learning curve by following the top. Curation will help you.

4. No need to be an expert in a niche or a subject to start a blog about it.

The first writing block for me is to know what to write and ensure it makes sense.

With curation, I  can have the best of the best content in my blog. I can confidently share something of value while I am still learning.

What about copyright issue, Google content penalties? When you do curation properly with the right tools, you won’t need to worry about Google and giving credits.

In fact, Google likes it and your sources won’t mind. You’re giving them credit and links. Good and anchor links are gold in this business.

Do you like fishing or want to know how to fish? Start a blog about it. Are you passionate about technology, the newest gadgets? The solution to stay with the trends is to do a curated blog.

When coming with content for your excited subject is no longer an issue, how many monetization strategies  would you test, implement and improve? If ready, click yes in the next page to start now.

Get Started Now

Further reading

Why You Should Curate Content – Rainmaker.FM


In the first episode of our 4-part series, we discuss what content curation is, the benefits, and provide an overview of how to do it effectively. Read more …


To Wrap it up.

There are other meaningful reasons and benefits of using curation to blog. But these are the top three I like.

And did you know the secret hack top sites use to make money blogging? Learn all their tricks and more right here, including 5 Free content curation tools they use. 

One of them I can’t live without it. You can try it free and it is under $50 bucks. Watch out for my next post, I will talk about this curation tool in much more details.

Over to you.

Are you using curation on your blog? Ask any question and share your thoughts in the comment below. I am here to help.

Let’s make some legit money!

Jean G.

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